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Integrated Therapies & Performance from HPS

Integrated Therapies and Performance from HPS is a locally owned, multidisciplinary, community health services team.  Based in Lloydminster (AB/SK),we specialize in providing rehabilitation and health services to rural and remote communities in central and northern Alberta and Saskatchewan.  We provide private, in house and virtual services directly to clients as well as business to business support to numerous agencies. 

People are complex.  Our approach isn't...  

Our rural-based team is able to draw on the experience and expertise of our various disciplines to help our clients reach their goals.  Through consultation and collaborative work, we are able to provide a more complete and holistic understanding of the individual, and a more comprehensive assessment and treatment path.

Our services are available onsite in our office in Lloydminster or virtually where the need of the client and the constraints of the service permit. 

Our areas of focus:

  • Psychology services                                                        

    • School psychology and psychoeducational assessments

    • ASD assessments (multidisciplinary team)

    • Clinical assessments

    • Performance/ Sport Psychology

  • Counselling Services

  • Rehabilitation services 

    • Speech and Language Pathology 

    • Occupational Therapy 

    • Pediatric Physiotherapy 

  • Group Therapy and Programming

  • Client Support Services 

  • Professional Development

We offer a variety of services within these disciplines to meet the need of the client.  Click the links below for more information:


Therapy Office
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