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Common Queries

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Do you offer sliding scale rates?

YES! When needed, HPS has a sliding scale available. Please contact us for more information.

How do I book an online appointment?

Great question! First you will need to scroll up to our "Services We Offer" page and click the 'Book Now' button. From here, a new window will open into our online platform, NousTalk. You will need to register yourself as a client prior to being able to book an appointment. Once you are registered as a client, be sure to remember your login information for ease when logging on to your session and booking future appointments.

What is a registered provisional psychologist?

A registered provisional psychologist is in training to become a registered psychologist. Only individuals who have been approved by the College of Alberta Psychologists may use this title. When approved, a provisional psychologist identifies themself to clients using this title and obtains written informed consent. Provisional psychologists complete 1600 hours of supervised practice, which is supervised by a psychologist. Modes of supervision vary, but may include live observation, video/audio recording review, or case review. 

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