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Integrated Therapies & Performance

Assessment. Consultation. Intervention

Integrated Therapies & Performance from HPS Inc is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team including Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Speech Language Pathology, Nursing and ABM Neuro-Movement, Clinical Counselling, Sports Psychology, Occupational Therapy and Pediatric Physiotherapy.  Our team provides a variety of complex assessments including Mental Health Assessment, Autism Assessment, Educational & Cognitive Assessment.

In rural areas, one of the main barriers families and individuals experience is challenge/requirement of travel for specialty services. The goal of Integrated Therapies, is to bridge the gap and add mental health & rehab services for rural areas. Accessible and affordable services are very important to us and allow us to have the greatest services reach for our community.

We are proud to be able to offer a large variety of services for children, youth, young adults and adults. 

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